2011, 35 mm colour film with sound, 39 mins.

This film has been shot in a redundant Thermal power plant in the outskirts of the city of Guwahati. DMC's interest is in constructed signs that can never be replicated or remembered and in the relationship between matter and memory. There is also a reflection on the endless circularity and the unbearable silence — the pause that punctuates the experience. The natural land reclaims its dominance over the industrial site. This no man’s land is invaded by a growing jungle and offers an apocalyptic, aesthetic sight. Close to the vision of an abandoned temple or a monument in ruins, here, nature and industry intermingle. Without an explicitly documentary statement, Residue is an experimental film, a stroll through a dream world incorporating both the universe of the mechanical, human, and natural as when a machine morphs into a butterfly, or power meters indicate depleted figures. Desire Machine Collective hopes once again to construct raw symbols and images. Evoking the idea of “perception image,” the artists try to articulate the known cycle of the creation and destruction of memory.”

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